Bauer Field

North Carolina Wesleyan’s baseball diamond was named “Bauer Field” in the fall of 1988 after Dr. Raymond E. Bauer, North Carolina Wesleyan’s first baseball coach. Dr. Bauer began laying out the field in 1961. With some help from local contractors and players, Dr. Bauer had the field ready for its first game in the spring of 1962. On October 1, 2005, the Bishops retired Bauer’s #18 jersey.

The field has gone through many changes over the last forty years and is still considered one of the finest small college facilities in the nation. Additions include a three-foot high brick wall with a 40-foot net behind home plate for a new backstop, as well as enclosed bullpen areas. Both pens include a four-foot elevated bench that overlooks fencing running parallel to the right and left field foul lines, which gives the field a Fenway Park look.

New championship signs have also been added to the back of the press box revealing the Bishops Baseball History. The signs include 23 Conference Titles, 12 Regional Titles, and the 2 National Titles the program has won over the past 30 years.

The field measures 324 feet down the left field line, 369 feet in the left center gap, 397 feet to center, 371 feet in the right center gap, and 329 feet down the right field line. Left field has a large sign reading “Bauer Field,”  while a 25’x 40’ Batters Eye is located in center field for a black backdrop. The entire fence surrounding Bauer Field is covered with black  windscreen and  protective yellow tubing.

Surrounding the field are three sets of aluminum benches that give the field a stadium style appearance. The field also includes a 13’ warning track and a Rain-Bird irrigation system. Fifty pine trees surround the perimeter of the park and provide a gorgeous backdrop to the entire facility. Bauer Field’s beautiful hybrid Bermuda 419 tifton grass allows for year-round play.

The park has 50-foot dugouts complete with padded benches, individual player lockers, water coolers, and padded flooring. Located behind the dugouts is a “hitting area.” There are five batting cages with one cage housing an Iron Mike Pitching Machine. Multiple tee and soft-toss areas are found around each cage, while a picnic area was added down the third baseline in 2014 (near left).

Finally, the facility has a two-story pressbox that houses media and statisticians on the top floor. For fans’ convenience, a concession stand is located under the pressbox, and two restroom facilities are located by the entrance, which was upgraded in 2012 to feature "Guzzo Gateway" (far left).