NCWC Baseball Embraces Fall Community Outreach

2013 Fall Community Outreach
2013 Fall Community Outreach

Rocky Mount, N.C. - The Battling Bishop Baseball team just completed a very busy fall working hard to make the 2014 spring campaign a success. As great as their work was in the classroom and on the field, their most important contribution to Bishop Baseball came in another form that left a lasting impression on all who saw them perform. That contribution was their commitment to others through the Bishops' Community Outreach Program.

Community Outreach has always been an important part of Battling Bishop Baseball. This summer and fall saw the team step their game up a notch by doing for others locally, regionally, and all over the world. The young men enjoyed showing their commitment to others through different outreach experiences.

Locally, the Battling Bishops hosted weekly clinics for Little League children. Players had an opportunity to interact with kids ages 5 to 14 and teach them fundamental skills. The clinics averaged 30-40 children almost every week and also consisted of games. Secondly, Battling Bishops with soccer experience volunteered to coach local teams in Red Oak. Eleven Battling Bishops coached five different teams ranging from ages 4 to 7. Even though the games were played on the weekends, the players gave up their Saturday mornings to help the young teams.

Bishop players continued their local work as they showed their appreciation to local firefighters and police officers by presenting 9/11 season passes to each group so that they could attend all N.C. Wesleyan College games. A few of the Bishop players also assisted an elderly couple with moving furniture, while others collected cans for the annual "Cans Across the Conference" food drive. The Bishops, furthermore, took time to help at a local middle school to make sure that game day events went well.

Regionally, the Battling Bishops traveled to Wilson County each Saturday to assist in Buddy Ball, an organization providing baseball for special needs children. Of all the activities the team participated in throughout the fall, Buddy Ball was their favorite. Favorable impressions were left on the kids as well as the Battling Bishop players as they all experienced how much fun the game can be. Bishop players also helped with a baseball clinic in Benson, N.C. that raised funds for UNC's Children's Hospital.

Finally, the Bishops reached the world as they participated in Operation Christmas Child. Not only did players pack shoeboxes with lots of much needed supplies, but they also helped in the loading process at a local church. The team bought gifts and had a great experience giving to boys and girls in all regions of the world.

Lastly, Wesleyan players volunteered their service at home. Many players helped coach teams, prepare fields, clean up schools, work clinics, and participate in church and community fundraising projects. Their commitment at home was as important as their time set aside for Battling Bishop projects.

North Carolina Wesleyan Baseball has had a rich history filled with team and individual accomplishments on the field of play. More importantly, Battling Bishop Baseball has a rich history of giving back to others. Players, parents, alumni, and friends should be extremely proud of both traditions!